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SANDUSKY — The following land transfers were processed by the Sanilac County Register of Deeds:

Week of August 13:

• Deborah Hayes to William Masiak, Great Lakes Beach No. 3, Worth Twp.

• Huron Land Company II LLC to Mark and Debbie Edmonson, Greenbush II Condo, Village of Lexington.

• Margit Kraus to Robert Watson, Sec. 12, Lexington Twp.

• Lauren Bramlage to Linda Sindeldecker, Great Lakes Beach, Worth Twp.

• Jason Schulz to Jennifer Jones, Sec. 28, Austin Twp.

• Violet Wydrynski Rev. Trust to Scott Ryan, Walding Sub No. 2, Lexington Twp.

• Margaret Moyer to Andrew Bennett, IV, Sec. 24, Lexington Twp.

• Robert and Patricia Hornby to Gregory Stanley, Sec. 31, Delaware Twp.

• Charles and Jane Basler, John and Connie Basler to Todd Christy, Sec. 30, Sanilac Twp.

• Sidney and Constance LaFrance Rev. Trust to James and Dianne Newberty, Lexington RV Resort Condo, Village of Lexington.

• Joseph Tocco to Kenneth Stilwell, Huronia Heights Beach, Worth Twp.

• Laurence Poletti to Scott Parry, Sec. 27, Sanilac Twp.

• Judith Hojnacki Rev. Living Trust to Sue Jacobs, Greenbush Knoll Condo, Village of Lexington.

• Turner Living Trust to Joshua Coon, Sec. 17, Forester Twp.

• Linda Willett to James and Susan Reeves, Sec. 17, Sanilac Twp.

• Norman Essenmacher to Kimberly Christy, Sec. 7, Sanilac Twp.

• Clifford and Patricia Nienow to Cody and Kristi Howard, Sec. 17, Marlette Twp.

• Kevin and Julie Fox to Humble Transformations LLC, RG Brown’s Division, City of Brown City.

• Bagchi Family Rev. Trust to Maria Ferreira, Monrovia Beach Club Harborpointe Condo, Village of Lexington.

• Nancy Ziegenbein Rev. Trust to Herbert and Jane Troutner, Sec. 3, Forester Twp.

• JPMorgan Chase Bank NA to Jeffrey Shook, AW Hands Plat, Village of Port Sanilac.

• Kyle and Sandra Trombley to David and Cathleen Hazlett, JM Loop Addn., Village of Lexington.

Week of August 20:

• William Jardine to Kevin Maher, Sanilac Shores Sub, Sanilac Twp.

• TDC Endeavor One LLC to My Community Dental Centers, Hubbard and King, City of Sandusky.

• Patrick Stevenson and Gladys Stevenson to Kenneth and Claudia Boulan, Washington Downs Sub, Sanilac Twp.

• Gary Ryan to Darla Grabowski, Sec. 2, Washington Twp.

• Kurt Puterbaugh to Patrick and Laura Brown, Sec. 14, Evergreen Twp.

• Cynthia Hoganson to Earl and Janel DesJardins, Great Lakes Beach, Worth Twp.

• Diane Lutch to Charles Jr. and Patricia Bailey, Lexington RV Resort Condo, Village of Lexington

• James and Kathleen Dedischew to Allen Bensal, JM Loop Addn., Village of Port Sanilac

• Judith Ann Wixson Okelberry to Daniel Hainer, Sec. 34, Lexington Twp.

• Tammy Williford to Danielle Warren, Sec. 31, Marion Twp.

• Alfred Light to Terrance and Sarah Stone, Toppings Addn., Village of Port Sanilac.

• James Hewitt Estate to Lori and Daniel Schultz, Sec. 1, Greenleaf Twp.

• Gregory Brown to David and Carol Taylor, Sec. 36, Lexington Twp.

• Thomas Foley Rev. Trust to Cecilia and Celeste Stocker, Debien Sub, Sanilac Twp.

• Melissa Guzdial to Brett Dell, Plat of Applegate, Village of Applegate.

• John and Carole Dell Rev. Trust to Rodney and Lesa Bricker Living Trust, Sec. 18, Lexington Twp.

• Jamie and Sean Roberts to Dustin and Emily Pennington, Sec. 30, Worth Twp.

• Marilee Schock to Cory and Renee Wilkowski, Sec. 20, Delaware Twp.

• Paul Grigg to Terrance and Sarah Stone, Toppings Addn., Village of Port Sanilac.

• Richard and Bette Perry to William and Paula Cayce Living Trust, Lexington RV Resort Condo, Village of Lexington.

• Mary Cripps to WND Investments LLC, Sec. 7, Forester Twp.

• Thomas and Karen Kosal to Bryan Muthig Trust, Sec. 35, Sanilac Twp.

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