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Chief lauds firefighters for self-sacrifice

By Steven Kovac
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BROWN CITY — Brown City Area Fire Dept. Chief Justin Holsworth is proud of his firefighters and he wants the community to know it.

In an interview with the Banner before last Tuesday’s fire authority meeting, Holsworth said, “It takes a lot to run the department. Without the guys doing what they do, it would not run the way it does. They really go the extra mile.

“They go way above and beyond the normal expected duties. The firemen put in many hours off the clock to keep the place moving smoothly. They do what they do to serve the people.”

Holsworth added, “I’ve prepared a written update and furnished a copy in advance to fire authority members highlighting the department’s activities and will present it to them tonight (Sept. 4).”

The update begins by stating, “These are examples of things not done during (the fire department’s) business meetings; where guys volunteered their time in order to save money for the department.”

The report lists a dozen examples of the ongoing maintenance performed by firefighters on the interior and the exterior of the fire hall.

Holsworth points out in the update that many of the projects undertaken by his men are “tedious,” but they “need to be done to keep the place functional and looking decent. Firefighters often come during their free time to help accomplish (them).”

The report lists items with a cumulative value of more than $3,000 purchased by his men out of their own pockets, and equipment worth many thousands more that the department has worked hard to raise money for.

“Hundreds of man hours are donated; thousands of dollars are saved; and much is purchased and donated by the firefighters and area businesses,” wrote Holsworth.

Holsworth said the Brown City Fire Department is deeply appreciative of the support it receives from the community and is happy to be involved in such civic activities as parades, the festival, Little League, the schools, cemetery washdowns, and more.

“We want our community involved as much as it can in the fire department, and we want to be involved in the community,” said Holsworth.

The chief went on to say, “Our job is to deliver quality fire services within the budget we have been allotted. We recently got one grant and are still in the running for a couple more. We go after grants in order to save the local taxpayer’s money

“Our great need right now is for day time help. There are many great people out there who would be a huge asset to the fire department. We need them, but I understand some are afraid to try,” said Holsworth.

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